Advising for Course Scheduling

The ultimate responsibility for meeting graduation requirements and making decisions on course selection resides with the student. Specifically, responsibilities of the student are to:

  • be aware of and understand degree requirements of one's major and concentration
  • be aware of and understand MSU, CFR, and departmental policies and procedures
  • review the academic calendar and meet all relevant deadlines
  • meet all requirements of the degree program
  • maintain regular contact with his or her faculty advisor

The responsibility of the faculty advisor is to provide effective counsel to the student on academic matters regarding curriculum and career decisions.

Dates for faculty advising and pre-registration are published on the MSU web site in the Academic Calendar.

Pre-Registration Advising

  1. Students review their CAPP report in Banner for accuracy and proper placement of electives.
  2. Contact the Student Services Coordinator before meeting with your faculty advisor if courses need to be moved in CAPP.
  3. Students must schedule appointments with their faculty advisor during the pre-advising portion of pre-registration. Faculty advisors holding group advising sessions will email their advisees with the day and time of the advising session. Failure to make an appointment or attend a group session will result in students not being able to pre-register in a timely manner and possibly missing out on preferred and needed classes. Faculty advisors are not always available on a walk-in basis. Do NOT miss appointments!
  4. Students prepare a trial schedule before the advising appointment. Trial schedule forms are available on the CFR web site. Pre-requisites and co-requisites should be checked. In preparing a schedule, the following materials should be used:
    • CFR Undergraduate Handbook – follow your curriculum guide for your catalog term (as listed in Banner)
    • MSU Bulletin for information not found in the CFR Undergraduate Handbook
    • Master Schedule of courses in Banner
  5. The faculty advisor will review the trial schedule and will make edits or suggestions for advisees to consider.
  6. In addition to course scheduling, this is a perfect time to discuss professional experience opportunities, summer field program (if applicable), career goals, and/or academic problems, etc.
  7. Students and faculty advisors will complete and sign the registration worksheet with the approved schedule and advising notes. The faculty advisor keeps a copy of the worksheet to be filed in the CFR Office of Student Services.
  8. Students are released for registration by their advisors after the trial schedule is approved. Each semester, students must be advised by their faculty advisors and be released for course registration.
  9. Students add the approved schedule via Banner.

Closed Classes

If a class is closed, students have two options. First, contact the department that offers the class to ask for an override. For example, see the Math Department for closed math classes, the Chemistry Department for closed chemistry classes, the Forestry Department (FO) for closed FO classes, or the Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture (WFA) Department for closed WFA classes. If a department denies an override request, see your faculty advisor to discuss other options.

Second, students can visit with faculty advisors to identify an alternative class or a substitution to take in lieu of the closed class. If your faculty advisor is not available, FO majors can visit with Dr. Courtney Siegert for alternative or substitution courses.

Registration Errors

Students will be given an error code message along with a brief description of the error. Students must contact the appropriate office to correct the problem to be able to continue with registration.

Schedule Changes

Students may add classes through the 6th class day of fall/spring semesters (2nd class day of a 5 week summer term), as long as seats are available. Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates. Late additions after the 6th day must be approved. Students may complete a Drop/Add form, secure signatures of the instructor, the student's advisor, and the Student Services Coordinator. In addition, the student must secure signatures on a Student Registration Status available on Banner located under the Student Records menu. Students must have a clear registration status to have a late add approved. Students are not eligible to register if holds prevented them from registering during the semester's late registration period. The student will be charged a registration change fee.

Students may drop a course up to and including the 5th day of classes during the fall/spring semesters (1st class day of a 5 week summer term). Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Students may elect to drop a course from the 6th to the 30th class day. If dropping a FO, SB, or WFA course, the instructor, the student's advisor, and the Student Services Coordinator must approve the drop. If dropping a course outside of the CFR, the advisor and the Student Services Coordinator must sign the form. A grade of "W" will be assigned on the student's transcript and a fee per course will be assessed.

After the 30th day into the semester, students cannot drop a course, except in cases of special circumstances such as accident, illness, or failure of the instructor to provide significant assessment of his/her performance. Requests for such drops must be documented in writing and directed to the Student Services Coordinator. A student will not be permitted to drop a course after the 30th day of classes because of a heavy course load, a change of major, a repeated course, or the likelihood of a poor grade. Instructors are expected to provide students with test grades within the first thirty days of the semester.

Most CFR classes are offered once a year or every other year. This should be considered when making schedule changes. Failure to enroll in a course or a pre-requisite/co-requisite the semester it is offered can delay graduation by up to two years.

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